Alkomeetrid | Lion 900

The lion alcolmeter® 900 is a handheld portable instrument for fast, accurate on the spot determination of a subject’s breath alcohol concentration level.

Electrochemical fuel cell sensor technology measures the concentration of alcohol in the subject’s expired breath, a measured amount of which is drawn from the mouthpiece into the fuel cell by means of the sampling system.

The lion alcolmeter® 900 features include: GPS, Bluetooth, AlcoHub App, Non Return Valve Mouthpieces (NRV), Passive Breath test capability and a heated breath inlet so making the instrument ideal for law enforcement and commercial market sectors.

The lion alcolmeter® 900 has inbuilt Bluetooth connectivity enabling direct connection to a wide range of printers. It is also compatible with the Able 1300 thermal printer which can be supplied as part of a complete instrument package from Lion.

Automatic positioning. The latitude and longitude are stored as fields in each test record
Bluetooth connectivity to portable devices such as a printer, PC or mobile phone. Compatible with 5G technology.

Test data can be retrieved from the lion alcolmeter® 900 via USB or Bluetooth.
Support 900 Software provides test data extraction and device configuration over a USB C connection.
AlcoHub (android) Provides automated database extraction via a Bluetooth connection
AlcoHub (server) Provides user administration, inventory management and data dashboard.

lion alcolmeter® 900 is certified to EN15964 & IP54